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Unnamed White House official on travel ban: ‘It really is a massive success story in terms of implementation’

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Two days into President Donald Trump’s new ban on refugees, migrants and foreign nationals from seven countries, there was still mass confusion about the details. On Sunday evening, the White House organized a briefing for reporters with two senior administration officials who agreed to explain the president’s executive order — but only on the condition anonymity.

One senior administration official explained the ground rules to reporters gathered at the White House and listening on a conference call, then said: “With that, I’ll turn it over to a senior administration official.�

“Thank you,� the other senior administration official said before beginning a 45-minute defence.

Their overarching message: Everything is going exactly according to plan, nothing has changed since the order was signed, and the news media need to calm down their “false, misleading, inaccurate, hyperventilating� coverage of the “fractional, marginal, minuscule percentage� of international travellers who have been simply “set aside for further questioning� for a couple hours on their way into the greatest country in the world.

“It really is a massive success story in terms of implementation on every single level,� the administration official said at one point.

The administration official said the order was drafted with help from “several of the top immigration staff on Capitol Hill,� then was approved by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel and reviewed by some government agencies. The White House purposely implemented the ban with no warning because “everybody here can use their imaginations to imagine 25 reasons that wouldn’t make sense from a security standpoint, a management standpoint, from just an airport-safety standpoint, you name it,� the senior administration official said. (The other senior administration official jumped in at one point to make clear that the order “isn’t willy-nilly.�)

There had been some confusion about how legal permanent residents – also known as green-card holders – would be treated under this new order. On Saturday, this same senior administration official told reporters that if a green-card holder from one the seven targeted countries is currently elsewhere in the world, that person would need to apply for a case-by-case waiver before returning to the United States. But then on Sunday morning, the president’s chief of staff went onto a morning news show and said that the executive order “doesn’t affect them.�

“Nothing has changed,� the senior administration official explained, claiming that the White House has provided clear instructions from the beginning on how green-card holders should navigate the

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