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MACC Let’s show that we are behind them in their fight against corruption in this country.

LAST Thursday we at IDEAS hosted the Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Datuk Shamsun Baharin Mohd Jamil.

The event was a public seminar to launch our online petition campaign in support of the MACC.

The online petition is part of our #NyahKorupsi campaign and you can sign it by visiting this website: http://bit.ly/NyahKorupsi.

We started the #NyahKorupsi campaign last year in order to create a focus on fighting corruption within our streams of work.

The key agenda is to raise awareness about two things.

First is the need to strengthen the MACC by elevating it to a commission that is recognised and protected by the Federal Constitution, similar to that of the Election Commission.

And second is to raise awareness about the importance of separating the roles of the Attorney-General from that of Pubic Prosecutor.

The current structure that we inherit from the British is a structure that even the British do not use anymore.

There is just too much risk of conflict of interest, especially when the Attorney-General in his capacity as Public Prosecutor needs to decide whether or not to prosecute politicians. It is better to separate these two roles to solve the conflict.

Our petition is in response to a more immediate development.

The MACC, under the leadership of the new Chief Commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad, has been very, very active in doing their job lately.

When Dzulkifli took over from Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed in the middle of last year, many were sceptical about his ability to affect real change.

I, too, had my doubts.

But he has shown that he is serious in what he wants to do and I have started to put higher hopes on him.

He seems to be continuing the effort started by Abu Kassim, and is gradually carving his own spot in Malaysia’s history.

For this he deserves praise.

He was pretty bold in a TV interview last week when he warned corrupt politicians to “be careful” because he is coming after them. When talking about corrupt politicians, he went as far as affirming that he “will take action against them without fear or favour”.

But Dzulkifli also admitted that he has restricted resources. The MACC only has 2,900 officers, and from that number only 900 are in enforcement.

Obviously this will limit how deep and how wide they

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