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SBP to issue Rs 50 commemorative coin in March to honour Edhi

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Karachi: State Bank of Pakistan will issue commemorative 50-rupee coin in memory of Abdul Sattar Edhi in March 2017 as a small token of appreciation for his selfless services for the country.

This was announced by Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Ashraf Mahmood Wathra while inaugurating an exhibition of pencil sketches of Abdul Sattar Edhi by Jimmy Engineer at State Bank Museum Art Gallery on Monday. Faisal Edhi and Jimmy Engineer were also present on the occasion.

The work on the design of this commemorative coin in memory of the late Abdul Sattar Edhi was already in progress after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had accorded its approval in a cabinet meeting held on July 15, 2016. Addressing the ceremony the Governor also requested CEOs of banks to dedicate some of their CSR activities to promote art and heritage in the country.

Jimmy Engineer through his pencil sketches of Abdul Sattar Edhi – gifted to the State Bank Museum Art Gallery – has portrayed the pain and sympathy Edhi felt for the poor and those in need. These sketches also reflected the love for and dedication to the downtrodden of society. The sketches portray the hardships Edhi faced in carrying out his mission of humanitarianism. Speaking on the occasion, Governor State Bank acknowledged the services of this great philanthropist, and human right activist. The Governor also lauded the dedication of Jimmy Engineer for making sketches of the great philanthropist.

Jimmy Engineer also spoke on the occasion said he received great inspiration from the services of Edhi rendered to mankind and said Edhi is a legend for the whole world. He said he had been drawing sketches of the late Mr. Edhi as no person in any other country could equal the services rendered to humanity.

“Whenever I visited foreign countries people talked about Pakistan negatively but when I asked them do you have any person like Abdul Sattar Edhi they had no answer,” he claimed. Jimmy thanked the State Bank Governor for placing these sketches at SBP Museum Art Gallery.

Faisal Edhi also spoke on the occasion and gave thanks on behalf of the family of Edhi Sahib and Edhi Foundation for holding the ceremony in memory of Edhi himself. He felt great satisfaction knowing that the services of late Edhi will be remembered through the artwork of Jimmy Engineer.

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