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Quebec lone wolf’s extreme obsession

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Six people were killed and eight wounded after gunmen opened fire at a mosque in Quebec City. The shooting occured during evening prayers Sunday night. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemning what he called a ‘terrorist attack on Muslims in a center of worship and refuge.’ Zachary Goelman reports.

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, was arrested after turning himself in. Picture: Facebook

THE man accused of orchestrating a deadly attack on a Quebec City mosque was a “right-wing troll” who took anti-foreigner positions and supported US President Donald Trump, local media are reporting.

French-Canadian man Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, was charged today with six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder.

He was arrested alongside Mohamed el Khadir on Sunday night after a shooting that killed six people and wounded 19 others at the Islamic Cultural Centre.

According to The Globe and Mail, the Laval University student showed support for French nationalist leader Marine Le Pen when she visited last March, inspiring him to engage in extreme online activism.

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, has been arrested over the shooting. Picture: Facebook

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, has been arrested over the shooting. Picture: FacebookSource:Supplied

The Globe and Mail reported Vincent Boissoneault, a student in international relations at Laval University, grew up with Mr Bissonnette and was friends with him on Facebook.

He reportedly told the news agency they frequently clashed on politics when Mr Bissonnette attacked refugees or expressed support for Ms Le Pen or US President Donald Trump.

“I can tell you he was certainly no Muslim convert. I wrote him off as a xenophobe. I didn’t even think of him as totally racist, but he was enthralled by a borderline racist nationalist movement,” Mr. Boissoneault said.

Other classmates have told media outlets he was a loner student who did not fit in well.

A source later told Reuters police were looking at Bissonnette as a ‘lone wolf’.

Bissonnette was reportedly influenced by Marine Le Pen. Picture: AFP

Bissonnette was reportedly influenced by Marine Le Pen. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

Employment councillor François Deschamps, who also runs a refugee Facebook page, told The Globe and Mail he immediately recognised Mr. Bissonnette’s photo.

He said Mr Bissonnette was known to make “extreme comments” on social media that were denigrating towards refugees and feminists.


Bissonnette was nabbed about

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