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Over one million sign petition to halt Trump visit to UK

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Over 1 million people have signed a petition urging Britain to withdraw an invitation for U.S President Donald Trump to visit London and dine with Queen Elizabeth. Sarah Charlton reports.

President Trump’s tweet about the Duchess of Cambridge might come back to haunt him. Picture: Getty

THE Queen will be hoping a petition to prevent Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK will persuade parliament, after a tweet from the new President emerged that embarrasses Kate Middleton.

Back in 2012 Mr Trump took to Twitter to discuss a story at the time where the Duchess of Cambridge was papped sunbaking topless.

The images were published in France, but not the UK. But that didn’t stop the now President encouraging paparazzi photographers from making a bit of extra cash.

The issue of paparazzi images and the Royals is particularly sensitive in the UK, after Princess Diana was killed in a car accident while being chased by photographers.

At the time of Diana’s death, Donald Trump also commented that he could have slept with her.

Shock jock Howard Stern asked him: “Why do people think it’s egotistical of you to say you could’ve gotten with Lady Di? You couldn’t gotten her, right? You could’ve nailed her.”

“I think I could have”, Trump replied.

Over one million people have signed the petition calling for the planned state visit by the new president to be cancelled.

Specifically mentioning ‘embarrassing’ the Queen, the petition is titled “Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom”.

The invitation to make a state visit, which will involve lavish displays of royal pageantry and a banquet hosted by the monarch, was conveyed by Prime Minister Theresa May when she visited Trump in Washington last week.

But May came under pressure to cancel the visit after Trump issued an executive order barring Syrian refugees from the United States and suspending travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, sparking protests at home and abroad.

The petition is on the British parliament’s website, and currently has over 1.3 million signatories — meaning it will be debated in parliament.

“Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but

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