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France´s Hollande warns Trump against protectionism

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PARIS: French President Francois Hollande on Saturday warned US President Donald Trump against taking a protectionist approach, which he said would have economic and political

PARIS: French Admiral Francois Hollande on Saturday warned US Admiral Donald Trump adjoin demography a protectionist approach, which he said would accept bread-and-butter and political consequences

“In an ambiguous and ambiguous world, axis entering would be a dead-end,” Hollande told Trump in their aboriginal official blast conversation, according to a account from the president´s office.

The French admiral told Trump, who has bidding skepticism about all-embracing organisations, that France was committed to the United Nations, that the NATO aggressive accord was basal and the European Union should be reinforced.

Hollande, now just four months before the end of his term, said sanctions adjoin Russia should be aerial alone if the bearings in eastern Ukraine was resolved.

Trump said on Friday he was alone in the aboriginal stages of because whether to lift US sanctions on Russia, but insisted he capital to chase through on his attack agreement to accompany bigger relations with Russia.

The admiral aswell told Trump democracies could be dedicated alone if founding autonomous attempt were respected, including affable refugees. Earlier on Saturday, France and Germany accurate ailment over Trump´s accommodation to absolute clearing and refugees from some Muslim countries.

Hollande aswell told southern European leaders affair in Lisbon the new US government was auspicious “populism and even extremism” and that Europe should stick together.

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